human resources accounting software

Human resources management System

Phenix for HR management and accounting software is the perfect solution built to organize and automate your human resources operations with a wide set of features all gathered in a one tremendous Software

Top Features

Employees schedule

Employee Scheduling

Advanced work styles system that can adopt more than one style of work time

Workflow features

Workflow features

Comprehensive HR system to manage holidays, absence and overtime

payroll system

Payroll System

Accurate calculation of different type of salaries considering all variables

search system

Search system

Comprehensive HR search system that supports many characteristics

Fully supports all Tax laws in the United Arab Emirates ( VAT - Selective Taxes)

Employee profiles

Employees profiles

Manage employees contracts and all related data

Alerts system for various defined events within the Employee biography

Customized Employees profile system tailored to the business needs

Organize Employees biography within the Human resources company structure


Salary managament

Salary management

Full support of continuous and temporary rewards

Salary payments in various methods such as (Cash, Bank transfer, Checks…etc.)

Compressive system of Advances and extended loans

Different types of salary systems such as (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)


Attendance control

Attendance control

Allocation of days that fits the nature of work time

Complete system of continuous and temporary allowances related to work

Full access to all of the attendances of employees in one powerful dashboard

Management of explained and unexplained Absence and delays at different rates


Detailed list of the program features

Detailed list of the program features

  • Defining employees’ biographies & organizing them within the company’s structure.
  • The system of explained & unexplained absences & delays at different rates for each employee with the possibility of accumulation. In addition to the system of hourly, daily & annual leaves.
  • Adopting more than one style of work time ( shift, hours, free time).
  • The system of advances & extended loans.
  • A full serve for extra time work.
  • A full support of official holiday system & holidays overtime.
  • The system of continuous & temporary allowances related to work time.
  • The system of continuous & temporary rewards.
  • Supporting different types of salaries ( daily, weekly, monthly).
  • An accurate calculation of salaries considering absences & over time work.
  • The possibility of a direct link to various hours of time work observation.
  • An integrated system of alerts related to the employee’s biography such as the end of the employment contract and residence & passport  expiration date.
  • The possibility of allocating days that fit the nature of work time for example: the work time will be from Sunday to Wednesday from 8 am to 5 pm except for Thursday from 8 am to 1 pm.
  • The possibility of paying salaries in different ways ( cash, bank transfer , check).

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