accounting and warehousing system

Warehouses accounting and management system

Phenix accounting and warehousing software is an advanced warehouse inventory management system designed to simplify accounting operations in warehouses and it is distinguished for its flexibility and simplicity besides the strength and accuracy of its reports

Top Features

realtime warehouse tracking

Real-time tracking

Maintain total visibility on your warehouse inventory

inventory control

Inventory control

Fully customized management system over the inputs and outputs

various accounting systems

accounting systems

provides a charts of accounts compatible with many accounting systems

cost management

Cost management

Accurately track your income and expenses with detailed reports

Fully supports all Tax laws in the United Arab Emirates ( VAT - Selective Taxes)

warehousing features

Warehousing features

complete functions of continuous inventory accounting process

comprehensive system of items identifications with multiple properties support

Perfect software to create warehouses and items tree structures with ease

integrated features to provide unlimited cost centers with unlimited number of accounts

ادارة اموال المستودع

Cash flow

Generate vouchers manually or automatically through invoices

Manage and send Custom invoices manually or automatically

Complete Support of payments by installments

Creation of financial transactions automatically as a result of automatic generation of invoices adjustments

reporting functions

Reporting functions

Generation of Dynamic Reports Automatically

Accounts and cost centers combination to get the required reports

Variable accounting reports analyzed and ready for examination

Shareable reports via many integrated services

Detailed list of the program features

  • Providing a chart of accounts compatible with various systems (Syrian Standardized Accounting System, Saudi Accounting System, Yemeni Accounting System, Egyptian Accounting System…) with the possibility of modifying in consistent with the entities’ business nature at all levels, in addition to searching and adjusting accounts.
  • Full support for currencies, dates of currencies and average exchange rate.
  • Vouchers, opening entry, receipts and payments.
  • Full support for payment by installment with the possibility of determining due dates.
  • The possibility of dealing with the customer and supplier using different manners.
  • Combining accounts and cost centers dynamically to get the required reports.
  • Controlling customers’ and suppliers’ balances.
  • Generating vouchers manually or automatically through invoices.
  • Generating and processing dynamic various invoices.
  • Unlimited levels of warehouses’ tree structure.
  • Unlimited levels of items’ tree structure with the possibility of linking items directly to warehouses.
  • Full identification of items (type, code, bar code, components).
  • Full support of items with expiry dates.
  • Full support of statistical units (items with variable units).
  • Full support of service items.
  • Full support of transferring transactions.
  • Full support of networks.
  • Full support of Touch Screens.
  • Designing and printing bar code stickers.
  • Accounting process of continuous inventory.
  • The possibility of identifying an unlimited number of users with various and precise permissions.
  • Generating dynamic reports.
  • Generating financial transactions automatically as a result of automatic generating of adjusting invoices.
  • Variable accounting reports. Ledger, journal, customers comparison , profits & loss, customers reconciliation, invoices profits, trading account, warehousing inventory, Product activity, accounting statistics, items statistics, bestsellers, profitable items, collections ratios, trial balance, balance sheet, charts, cross between items- customers, financial analysis, financial statement, income statement, cash flow statement, opening & end balance sheet comparison, advanced final accounts.

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