point of sale accounting system

Point of sale Management and Accounting System

Phenix for Points of sale accounting provides you with one of the most powerful POS accounting software in the arabic world with a rich catalog of features designed to manage all accounting operations and it is known for its simplicity of using each point of sale

Top Features

multiple locations

Multiple locations

manage and control all your disturbed points of sale in one place

easy payments

easy payments

many ways to accept payments including credit cards and many more methods

flexible barcoding

flexible Barcoding

Integrate item properties of into the barcode with ease

inventory reporting

Inventory reporting

Track all of your points of sale items stock in real-time

Fully supports all Tax laws in the United Arab Emirates ( VAT - Selective Taxes)

Products identifications

Products identifications

Very easy user interface to define and customize products properties

Define an unlimited amount of products within the point of sale

administering the number of points peculiar to each item or group of items

Organize and sort products by its features such as categories and other characteristics

Payment methods

Payment methods

Comprehensive support for Customer screen, accountant cash, touch screen and more

Paying the invoice in various currencies at the same time

Modify the item price without the need to re-read the barcode

Full support for Gifts, prepaid cards and discounts


POS features

POS features

Constructing an unlimited number of points of sale

Each point of sale is independent from the program and various settings

Full support of geographically disturbed points of sale

Various statistics of the point of sale (peak times, the bestseller day, the bestseller month).

Detailed list of the program features

  • The simplicity of using the point of sale ( each person capable of using the computer can use it).
  • The possibility of constructing an unlimited number of points of sale.
  • A system of validities peculiar to points of sales through which the date & time each user gets in & out  will be determined.
  • Supporting all functions that allow the work to be done quickly & efficiently.
  • The possibility of suspending any invoice & moving to serving the next customer to come back later to the pending invoice.
  • Any item can be repeated or modified within the invoice without the need to re-read  the barcode.
  • The possibility of integrating the serial number, weight and price inside the bar code card.
  • Inquiring about the price of an item or a group of items from within the point of sale.
  • The possibility of returning an item or an invoice in a simple manner ( the invoice transfers from a sale to sales return by pressing a single button).
  • The user can get access to any previous invoice through identifying its number. Then some of the invoice items will be transferred into a sales return.
  • The point of sale is independent from the program & the various settings. This gives it the chance to work at ease.
  • Supporting shortcuts in the program to increase the pace of work.
  • Full support for the customer’s screen, accountant’s cash, touch screen & invoices printer.
  • The possibility of locking or ceasing any point of sale.
  • Supporting prepaid cards (in sales with the possibility of recharging them).
  • Supporting gifts & discounts.
  • Supporting the points system gained by the customer in each sale invoice with the possibility of administering the number of points peculiar to each item or group of items.
  • The possibility of issuing postponed invoices from within the point of sale.
  • The possibility of adding discounts to the invoice ( the discount is transferred to a personal account)
  • Supporting distributed points of sale geographically.
  • The possibility of linking each point of sale to its related accounts, and with its related closing cash account.
  • Supporting the seasonal discount system of items and the special discounts for subscribers’’ cards & Vip .
  • Various statistics of the point of sale ( peak times, the bestseller day, the bestseller month).
  • The possibility of paying the invoice using various currencies & manners at the same time ( for customers who pay part of the invoice cash & the rest via the Visa card).
  • Prepaid card system for customers.

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