Restaurants accounting system

Restaurants management and accounting System

Phenix is a state-of-art restaurants accounting software that offers a wide set of services and tools that covers all aspects of restaurants management operations all combined into one dynamic and comprehensive software

Top Features

Payments manage

Payments manage

Accept customer payments through many methods

Kitchen screen

Kitchen screen

Keep your kitchen crew informed about orders Status

Customized resturant menus

Customized menus

Define an unlimited number of Food types in your menus

Multiple platforms

Multiple platforms

Manage your Restaurant through Mobile phones or Tablets

Fully supports all Tax laws in the United Arab Emirates ( VAT - Selective Taxes)

Table management

Table management

Create an Unlimited number of tables

Keep track of all your tables in one dashboard

Reserve, combine or split tables based on the customer needs

Advanced system for parties and open buffet servicing in the restaurant

waiter manager

Waiter manager

Assign group of tables to a certain waiter

Define work types such as shifts or full time

Manage your Waiters biography, payroll and other properties

Full privacy over tables to the defined waiter or the restaurant manager

reporting system

Reporting system

Advanced statistics about the restaurant

In depth detailed reports tailored to your restaurant needs

Comprehensive comparison system

Complete search and report archiving system

Detailed list of the program features

  • Generating an unlimited number of tables
  • Generating an unlimited number of restaurant rooms
  • Full support for Open buffet system
  • Full support for Parties system
  • Full support for Taxes system
  • Full support for Tips system
  • Full support for Pre-paid cards
  • Automatically withdraw food from the kitchen
  • Full control over the printing system in the Bar and kitchen
  • Printer system for the kitchen and other sectors
  • Kitchen screen for full control over order status
  • Waiter cashier lock reporting
  • Linking a group of tables to a certain waiter
  • Full privacy over Tables for each waiter
  • Full statistics over the restaurant
  • Comprehensive reports comparison system
  • Variety of dynamic reports
  • Use the restaurants accounting system over Mobile phones or tablets

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